In Honor of 'The Book of Mormon' Top 10 South Park Episodes

Matt Parker and Trey Stone, the acid-soaked minds behind 'South Park' and 'Team America: World Police' are gearing up their newest release:  a Broadway musical about The Book of Mormon.  In honor of this landmark achievement, I am taking a trip through memory lane to revisit my ten favorite episodes of 'South Park.'

10.  The New Terrance and Phillip Movie Trailer (Season 6) - The boys have to sit through the pilot episode of a new reality show starring Russell Crowe and Tugger, the trusty tug boat, to see a really lame movie trailer.  Oh, and Russell Crowe likes to beat people up.  A lot.

9.  ManBearPig (Season 10) - Al Gore has a brain tumor and descends on South Park in search of friends and the threatening creature 'ManBearPig.'  I made up the brain tumor part, but it would explain a lot.  Just sayin'.....

8.  South Park is Gay (Season 7) - Two words:  crab people.

7.  Night of the Living Homeless (Season 11) - Change is on everyone's mind, most of all the denizens of homeless people invading South Park.

6.  Sexual Harassment Panda (Season 3) - 'Nough said.

5.  Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride (Season 1) - Stan's dog, voiced by George Clooney, finds acceptance on a cruise for misfit gay animals.  No list would be complete without an episode featuring Big Gay Al.

4.  The Ungroundable (Season 12) - How did this climb the ladder to number four?  The South Park Elementary goth kids commit an act of suburban vandalism set to the tune of a Joy-Division inspired song "Burn Down Hot Topic."  Oh, and they mail a poser to Scottsdale.

3.  Major Boobage (Season 12) - So many elements come together in this episode:  the Kenny-centered plot, a homage to "Heavy Metal" and giant, undulating, animated boobs. 

2.  Cat Orgy (Season 3) -  The first of a three-part story arch featuring the under-utilized Shelley, Stan's headgear-wearing, older sister as she babysits Cartman for the night.  With all the adults at the party, she invites over her cool, older boyfriend Skylar, who brings along his "band."  Oh, the humanity.

1.  AWESOME-O (Season 8) - Words just can't capture why this episode is so funny.  Sure, the Cartman-Butters match up is always amusing, but watching the tables get turned on Cartman as Butters' dim-witted innocence forces him to play the role of robot AWESOME-O is hands down my favorite.  Clad in cardboard boxes and speaking in what is obviously Cartman's voice, AWESOME-O goes from Butters' family vacation to Area 51 before admitting he isn't actually a robot. 

Honorable mention to:   'Pip (Great Expectations)'  for proving to high school Lit teachers everywhere that Dickens' pay-by-the-word behemoth tome can be condensed into a 20 minute short.  Skip the Cliff's Notes and stream this instead.  The explanation of character and symbolism is A+.  


  1. I'm glad you praised Great Expectations, South Park never gets any credit when they do things like that, and Comedy Central won't run the episode anymore. I'd throw in this one:


  2. Yeah, I wasn't kidding when I said to substitute the Pip episode for Cliff's Notes. I read the book, saw the Ethan Hawke movie version, and still didn't understand what the h*ll happened until the SP recap. That's a modern day 'I'm Just a Bill' right there. People should show it to their babies, to make them baby GENIUSES.

    I'm trying to fix your link--this is what happens when you don't use the 'suggested' updates on blogger. I may just post it and credit you.

  3. I totally agree with your No. 1 pick. Maybe its just me, but I loved two others that should be considered...just don't know the episodes by name. For your consideration..the NASCAR episode..Kenny shines! And the Guiness book world record largest turd episode...amazingly funny!

  4. I left out all of season 14 because of the insane Kenny episodes--I just couldn't compare them with episodes in other seasons (the Nascar episode is in that bunch). Lots of awesome Kenny moments this season, don't want to write spoilers, but holy crap!

    'More Crap' was definitely in the running per its Bono subplot. Some others I considered strongly were 'A Million Little Fibers' and 'Butters' Bottom B*tch.'