The Great Jolie/Depp Merger: An Update

Further evidence of the break from Jolie-Pitt Enterprises and the formation of Jolie-Depp Incorporated is emerging online.  See link.  It's just a matter of time, now.

Read:  Depp says Jolie is "Like Elizabeth Taylor" at



  1. Would it be an act of shameless promotion to add...."I read it here first"?

  2. I have mixed feelings about posting something like this. It has novelty value, but I'm not into celeb-culture as anything besides a source of freaks and jokes at their expense.

    It's actually very easy to predict accurate celebrity gossip. First, one has to remember that very successful actors rarely stay sane. Second, celebs who are media whores reveal enough of their life to the public to see patterns in their behavior. Third, when you become a high-profile celebrity, relationships are no longer spontaneous, they are business mergers. Usually a team of lawyers is called in before two super-celebs even meet for the first time to discuss the terms of their meeting and relationship (a la TomKat).

    If all these factors are taken into account, anyone can pretty much call it on these relationships. It's like the stock market--these people are commodities, not people with healthy private lives.