Christmas Needs to Be Revised

Today is Thanksgiving, in other words, the official kick-off of the six week saga known as Christmas, the Holidays, Xmas (my personal fav), etc.  No one actually calls the season Hannukah, so I left that off the list.  This is the realm of the pagans, baby, and the Jewish faith split way before the polytheistic, nature-worshippers learned about Jesus.

In honor of the Xmas season, I'd like to propose a change to the way we celebrate the birth of Christ, winter solstice, the renewable lamp oil, and all other variations of the winter occasion.

I think that only children should receive gifts on Christmas.  I think that Jesus' day of birth should be a holiday when we honor children, and adults should just be adults.  Honestly, as grown ups, don't we just go get what we want or need when we want it or need it?  When you have your own bank account, is it really magical to unwrap a set of boxed Isotoner slippers from cousin Roland?  Think of all the obligatory gifts we purchase for the other grown ups in our families and our lives.  Isn't there some way to make a gesture of good will without trading ugly sweaters, home decor, or gift cards?

Kids, on the other hand, are the whole reason anyone ever gives anything to anyone else.  They don't earn paychecks, pay utility bills, or budget a month's worth of groceries.  When little kids open presents, they don't see gift receipts, crowded malls, plane fare, or anything else we grown ups are thinking about during the holiday season.  All they see are possibilities:  new games to play, new horizons on the frontiers of fun, and shiny new fantasy lands to explore.

Let's start a new tradition.  The logistics won't change; families and friends will still get together, talk, catch up, eat, drink, be merry and miserable in alternating doses.  The grown ups can plot and plan, decorate, cook, orchestrate distractions in the form of jokes, rivalries, electronics or good ol' Trivial Pursuit.  Just leave the presents to the experts.

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