Just an Update

I have been disloyal to Blogger--I must admit that I'm building another site on Wordpress.  I site this as justification for my 2 month absence from posting on this blog.  Wordpress has to be learned.  People make a living working with it for authors and artists like me who sit staring at the dashboard for hours, scratching their heads and thinking 'what have I gotten myself into?'

To complicate matters, I'm in a sort of creative quagmire at the moment.  The new blog was my attempt to merge writing with my other goal of getting my artwork "out there" so to speak.  Since I make primarily wearable items, I thought a fashion blog would be the perfect solution.  Much like my thinking film was the perfect solution to loving both the written word and visual art turned out to be, um, not quite what I expected, the fashion idea is souring.  I don't want to write about fashion.  I tried and it's boring.  I want to write about being an artist, not a fashionista.  I get excited about making stuff, be it earrings or a short story.  I don't get all that excited about what people are wearing.  I like looking at cool stuff, but the complexity of Wordpress has truly made me realize I don't like it enough to write about constantly.

I know that this is a valuable insight, but the truth is, insight sets you back in this world.  Everything is fast, disposable, fleeting, condensed, reduced to tag lines and first impressions.  What the web needs is substance, and I have a noble yet tragic commitment to deliver just that.  So, look for an announcement of my new site, which won't be what I thought it would when I started, by the end of the year.

You can hold me to that one. 


  1. Does this mean I won't see the "french bastards" any more? Sniff!

  2. I am going to keep this going until I can effectively merge the two sites. I may not post the same content as I have been. This site won't go anywhere until I figure out how to keep the good parts on an alternate site.

    I still don't know who drew that image. I've posted on a lot of forums that the person who drew it can contact me and I'll buy it from them.