Brazen Careerist Meetup In Boise ID, 8/18

My favorite social media site, Brazen Careerist (see link in favorites on the right) is having a deluge of local meetups, the first being scheduled for August 18, 2010.  What is this and why should you care?

Brazen Careerist is like Facebook, except all discussions are work and career-themed.  Topics cover everything from college to freelancing to starving artists to stockbrokers.  If you have an opinion about business today, management strategy, or just experience to share, this is a FANTASTIC website.  This is no community of deadbeats, let me assure you.  Smart ideas and advice abound on the site, and constructive conversation happens daily.

If you are a young professional, I really think this site is a must if you are involved in social media at all.  Don't get me wrong, this is not a job search site, nor is it a networking site.  It is merely a place to read and take part in genuinely smart, stimulating discussion about what defines a modern day career.  Most of us out there know all too well that if you are under 50, it's likely that your job isn't what defines you, makes you passionate, or even something that fits with your unique talents.  Corporate careers are increasingly subject to a 'one size fits all' attempt at fool-proof procedure, meaning that anyone could do it, and that is the point.  Yet these methods are being road tested on the most over-educated and under-paid generation in history, and one of the most self-possessed (haters will know this as 'entitlement'). 

Look, for all those who wonder why Gen Y is the way it is, here is the answer.  Gen Y was packed into college just like it was four more years of high school.  While colleges upped their enrollment, most did not buy additional teaching space, equipment needed for hands on teaching, or increase the staff.  The existing staff wound up with classes that tripled in less than four years, and students were left to fight over the same resources deemed appropriate for a student body 1/3 the size of their own.  That's when you get libraries that are literal ghost towns, $30.00 novellas at the campus bookstore, students stuck buying their own supplies, equipment, computers, and frequently paying just to complete required coursework out of pocket.  Teachers are unhappy, because the students seem unable to do work that has been assigned for a decade before them.  Students are unhappy because they are mounting up thousands of dollars in debt just to go to a school that's too big to get anyone's attention or make any connections in their chosen field.  Modern day students, even the ones who seem like aimless dabblers, have career goals when they arrive at college.  People are called out to make decisions about what they want in life earlier and earlier in life.  These are no wide eyed experience-seekers.  These are 18 year old on a mission.

The modern day University is a cold-hearted, kick-you-in-the-balls kind of place.  Easy to get lost in the shuffle, impossible to stand out, and nearly impossible to perform well academically without making major changes, fast.  So yes, we are bored with a data entry job after the six years it took to get the master's in Poly-Sci.  That's right, we do criticize managers who are coddled, because we've spent high school and college being told to f*ck off by every adult we've encountered.  Yes, we have some attitude, we have ego issues, and we have dreams that have already been scorched off of us like a kitten's fur on Halloween.

So, fellow opinionated, cool, smart, self-possessed people:  come to the Boise ID meet up for BrazenCareerist.com.  I am currently set to host this event, which should be disastrous.  Please check back for updates and contact me with ANY questions, etc, directly at elm214@gmail.com. 

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