ABC's 'Lost': Boycott Mount Crapmore

I would like to urge anyone reading this blog to BOYCOTT the purchase of ANY materials related to the TV series 'Lost.'  The show could have been good, but instead it was SHAMEFULLY BAD.

Don't give these people your money.  Seriously, the show amounted to a crime against good storytelling itself and a lackluster mockery of the most basic principles of drama.  Do you know what the 'memorabilia' will be worth in 30 years:  Jack Squat.  

Message to Damon Lindelof:  If I am ever in the LA area or Comic Con, not just in the imminent future, but for the rest of my life, I am going to make sure I have on my person at all times a soft, slightly rotten piece of fruit to pitch at your smug, balding head.  The next time you are wrestling to get a Blu-ray out of a Redbox or playing a carefree game of paper-rock-scissors with Kevin Smith, better look over your shoulder.  Brown Cat's coming for ya, baby.  As long as J.J. Abrams doesn't get you first.

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