Is Childhood Obsolete?

Biological Clock (noun):  the internal mechanism which, in women, begins making alarm sounds when one is approaching the age of fertility decline.  Symptoms of which include but not limited to:  increased risk of birth defects, increased risk of miscarriage, ovaries kicking dusty eggs down fallopian tubes that were never meant to see the light of day,  loss of elasticity in breasts, insanity, and a sudden, unstoppable urge to one day, without warning, WANT A BABY.

Here is the way I see life for a modern day (probably straight) woman, the redux edition:

XX is a good student, head of the class, valedictorian, gets into a good college.  XX finishes her degree, goes on to get "dream job" as a professional career lady.  XX buys business suits with skirts and designer glasses, and manages to become one of the elite, still mostly XY CEOs in her company by age 35.  XX has at least one sibling or best friend who decides to commit to motherhood 'right away' and has by this time at least 2 ankle-biters.  She found a great guy at age 22 who just happens to make enough money to afford a big family just as easily as XX made it to VP in less than 10 years.  So, miracles abound in the redux.  Then, all of a sudden, XX wants a baby.  She goes to sperm bank, gets designer genes, and still meets her prince charming and keeps her position working 80+ hours a week.

XX has the perfect life.  Friend of XX has an acceptable life.  Unfortunately, for all the rest of us, we get the consolation prize:  real life.

I've gotten over the obsession with the dream job by this point in my life.  The baby part of this story evades me completely.  Honestly, when I look at the world, I see adults having children to fit in with some plan they have for their own lives, not because they want to be parents.  Nothing about the above story is about anyone other than the women, their fantasies, and their wishful thinking.  Children are hard work, they take up time and energy and money to care for;  if you calculate all that is required to "have it all" the numbers just don't add up.

Not to mention that all this over-management pushed onto women relegates men to well, where?  What role do they play?  Hapless dummy who accidentally delivers working mom's baby in a cab?  Card holder at "101 Frozen Pops"?  I can't even blame men for being happily invisible in the mess that has become 'family' life.  Why mess with a good thing?

Why bring children into the adult world?  We live here already.  We know that it's confusing, scary, humbling, and painful.  As adults we have all learned that we're nobody in the big picture.  Does anyone like knowing they are meaningless?  Isn't everything we do in our meager lives meant to prove in some way that our individuality counts for something?

Given all that, why bother to create a new life?  If we can't just get over ourselves enough to allow childhood to exist instead of interfering in it with all our moldy, infected baggage, we don't deserve to have progeny.  At least not any who care even one bit about the world we've created. 

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