Yesterday's commentary was a little dark.  But hey, it's TGIF mothaf**kers!  So, may I offer up a brief sampling of the beliefs I dearly hold to be true that are a little more optimistic?  I'll avoid any excessive cheesiness.  I am a vegan after all, and those dairy cows get pumped full of hormones and genetically modified corn anyway.

If a person observes others, I do believe that the inevitable conclusion is that all people really do try their best with what they perceive as their circumstances. 

Villains are make-believe, but heroes are real.

What we consider to be 'evil' is really just the chaotic mess of the beastliness of humanity.  Nature creates the healers and the killers, driven by the smell of blood to do opposite, balancing actions.

We really don't know anything, and therefore anything is possible.

If given my choice of a life after this one, personally I would choose reincarnation.  I love being alive.  I fear death because I don't want to stop living.  For all the confusion and annoyance and loneliness, I love the experience of consciousness, of thinking, of being, and I would love to do it again and again until the end of eternity.

Now let's all go out and get crunk.   

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