Notes from the Aboveground

When writing for The Lost Generation, I continuously run into problems. Not so much problems as changes that I'm not prepared to deal with or just run with. Originally conceived as a snarky take on bemusing pop culture idiocracy, I'm now finding my well runneth dry on bemusement. The novelty of the fame machine is rapidly losing the ability to catch my attention with it's shiny metal coating.

Although my subject matter is in a sort of crisis mode, being that I have none at the moment, that hasn't changed my love of writing. I'm not quite sure where this blog is going, but I can't turn away just because I'm not paying to get basic cable anymore. So I offer up a lackluster, but wholly honest, entry today. And I hope you all will come along for the ride as I dig myself out of yet another pidgeonhole I have willingly burrowed so deeply into.

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