V for Vendetta?

In response to the runaway hit series Lost, ABC has launched two copycat phenom-dramas: Flash Forward and V. The former, Flash Forward, with it's CSI-style camera effects and plot holes big enough to take down a Sherman tank, has all the classic signs of test audience developed TV. If we as a nation can agree that waterboarding is immoral, can't we stop the networks from hurling promising ideas into the gnashing maw of the pre-screening room?

More curious is the reception of V, a revamp of the 1983 miniseries by the same name. The buzz in the press is that V, beneath the premise of alien invasion, is actually driving a hard core right wing agenda. What? V, both the original miniseries as well as the new show, is a rather pointed statement warning against the dangers of fascism. You know, like the Nazis? Remember them?

This is a perfect example of what drives me crazy about the liberal media: they remain loyal to fringe fanatics who only serve to shoot the party in the foot at every given opportunity. Obama supporters are trying to argue that a show with a message against fascism is a statement against Obama. So, are they saying Obama is a fascist? If you support the left, wouldn't you argue that the actions of the right could more accurately be described as fascist? So, wouldn't the show be a statement against the right?

Seriously, my head is spinning. With all the nut jobs out there preaching awful things like ending the lives of the elderly to afford a national health care plan, or how Obama is a significant president only because he's black, all in the name of liberalism, it's a f*cking miracle he got elected at all. Now apparently his own supporters think he's Hitler......and that's a good thing?

That said, if next week's episode features the vaporization of hippies and a CGI Charlton Heston extolling the magical healing properties of gasoline while shootin' off pistols, they may be on to something.

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