Last night I couldn't sleep. Perhaps it was the nasty hangover I had from downing the better part of a bottle of white wine to cope with Turkey Day jitters. Maybe it was the electric energy of hoards of Black Friday shoppers flaring nostrils and gnashing teeth at one another over at the Dollar Tree. Whatever the reason, being awake at 4:00 in the morning afforded me a pleasure seldom experienced during normal hours: watching music videos.

Here is a sampling of insights which occurred to me in my half-conscious stupor, as I washed down generic label headache medicine with a warm 20 oz bottle of 7UP:
  • What's up with music videos that show musicians in the studio? Like, we get to watch the musicians working, that's the concept? FAIL.
  • Green Day is still making music. Mental note: one of them has a bald spot. Since no one photoshopped it out in post, I'm guessing it's some new guy they hired to tour with them.
  • OK, so Meg White went AWOL, and as a result the new White Stripes video has a belly dancing girl who I guess could be Meg. And when did Jack White get hot? Damn. He looks like Johnny Depp in Dead Man. Wait, this isn't the White Stripes, it's J.W. side project The Dead Weather. My bad.
  • Not once, not twice, but thrice times "videos" that are actually excerpts from "the Beatles: Rock Band" have now played, and I'm starting to feel creeped out. Watching the bobbing heads of a Sims-esque Fab Four accompanied by tracks pulled from a 1994 DVD release of St Pepper's isn't selling me on this game, Nintendo. Now, far more intriguing is the rumored Nirvana edition, set for release by ex-band mate Grohl and succubus Courtney Love, further justifying Kurt's suicide over fear of becoming part of the corporate machine. The dream has been realized. Presenting "Rock Band: the Sell Out Edition." If only a man could kill himself twice.
  • I officially want to announce my membership in the church of Lady Gaga. Download 'Bad Romance' right now. It rules. Sorry Jack White.


  1. Hey Eliz, If I may address you so--really, I'd rather go all one syll and Liz you, but I'll await your OK.

    I'm considerate that way.

    NEWay, Think you're being over-difficult on videos featuring the band in studio motif.

    Not all are privy to what that looks like. Further, it's seminal to the band's experience of itself, its art, its creative process. I'm thinking at best there's something to be gleaned from all that.

    At worst they're simply repackaging their material.

    Ain't that marketing?

    If that's all they bring to the table, and nothing extraordinary is revealed, then fair crit.

    But I say ease up on the studio vids.

    As for Lady Gaga, I used to consider "Just Dance" my guilty pleasure. Sounded way like one-hit wonder Shalimar's "Let the Music Play." Not that I didn't like that: I loved it. But in the same kind of way, not ameliorated by the one-hit wonder of it all.

    Now I know Gaga's a visionary, and was in fact hepped up to her by former student Paco Brito, in at least '08, so sign me up.

    PS Swear to you I thought she was singing, "Just saying..."

    Just saying...

  2. Ok, I can allow each band the occasional 'in studio' themed vid as long as the following conditions are met:

    Used by an Established band:

    Foo Fighters can do a good behind the scenes video. Generic "insert name here" bands can not. Some iconography has to surround the group letting us into the studio. Otherwise, we are watching a no-name band tank their first shot at a hit video by trying to act like a well-known group.

    As for how to address me--Eliz is fine. Since I am the sole writer on the blog thus far, shouldn't cause confusion.

    Thanks for the comments!

  3. Well, I won't go so far as to hold band responsible for established iconography, 'cause hey, it's there call.

    Not saying viewer doesn't have click through power.

    Just loath to impose strictures on such ephemera. Have to admit, since the departure of Friday Night Videos, and the ascent of my "Ain't GOT no cable!" ethos, haven't really seen many, and mostly just enjoy music "as is."

    Funny thing though, when I was a kid, I'd "act out" certain Beatles songs.

    I probably wouldn't make a studio vid myself. Certainly wouldn't be first choice.