Vegan Nazis

There's a new book out, called "Skinny Bitch."

That alone says volumes about this waste of time, which I was bored with by the end of the free preview on google books. I had the distinct impression from the one episode of the Posh/Beckham reality show that Posh had something to do with its creation.

You know what show I'm talking about--it aired exactly once in the US before the television execs stopped sniffing glue for a minute and realized Americans don't give a crap about soccer. Sorry, Football. The clock counts up from zero! Now, how are you supposed to keep track of how much of the game is left when you're completely faced? Backwards clock=mob-driven brawls? Discuss.

The book contains a mixture of crass language (this is the highlight), food advice that is a serious no-brainer (eat vegetables), and then devolves into vegan nazi propaganda. I want to mention here that I AM a vegan. There is nothing I hate more than vegan books. Every vegan book claims that it is different from all predecessors, that it was inspired by a need to break the mold of the "typical" politically-driven, animal rights diatribe. Yet each one is exactly that. Inevitably the book goes the way of graphic descriptions of slaughterhouses and the mistreatment of chickens and of course the evil foie gras. I think I butchered the spelling of that, I apologize.

I could overlook the unresearched data about the mutilation of chicken bodies and the pork holocaust, but I hate the image these books conjure up that somewhere, in a big corner office, an old, John Rockefeller-esque man in a suit is standing, gazing out a window, cigar in mouth, laughing, laughing at his master plan to exploit innocent animals for cash.

People do what they can, plain and simple. If you can sell one chicken, great. Ten chickens, better. A hundred jillion chickens, fantastic!! We live lives of leisure, where we don't need much food to keep the old body running (or sitting as the case may be) and that may mean we don't need to be using as much meat as we do in the US. A surefire way to put people off from really considering this possibility is a good overdose of finger-pointing and guilt. Thanks, Skinny Bitch.

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